President Gjorge Ivanov, via a statement from his office, says he strongly denies the lies by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with Greek television “ERT” that he will support the Agreement with Greece.

“Prime Minister Zaev continues to lie and manipulate not only the Macedonian public but also the Greek public and the international community with his shifting, contradictory and confused attitudes. Macedonia’s membership in the European Union and NATO must not be abused by accepting a harmful Agreement with incalculable consequences for the Macedonian state and the Macedonian people”, said the presidential office.

They added that “Ivanov does not accept an Agreement which is detrimental for the Macedonian national identity and the interests of Macedonia and stresses that they will not be shaken by any intimidation, blackmail or threats.”

In yesterday’s interview, Zaev expressed confidence that the referendum will be successful and that it will be respected by all institutions in the country.

“The ballot question for the referendum will make all politicians listen to the citizens. That means both the government and the opposition, and President Ivanov, because we serve the citizens. I am sure the referendum will be successful, and it will be followed by constitutional amendments and the signature of the President of the country so then we can then expect the Greek parliament to ratify the agreement”, said Zaev.