Ivanov: Zaev is calling for a Ukrainian scenario and violence


Zoran Zaev is the one who is calling for a Ukranian scenario, with violence and he compares the situation in Macedonia to the one in Syria. This was stated today by President Gjorge Ivanov, when asked by the media regarding the call he made yesterday instructing the SDSM leader to disclose intelligence he has for preparations for civil war in the country.

“Zoran Zaev is the one who is calling for Ukrainian scenarios, and the use of violence. He compares the situation in Macedonia to the situation in Syria. He is a participant in the “Putsch” case and at court, he should accept all the facts of the case”, said Ivanov.

When he was asked about the intrusion of the 40-member group in the territory of the country, Ivanov said that the information was shared with the public several months ago because this is a large group whose goal was to separate the territory of Macedonia.

“This information was shared at the meeting of the Security Council and that information is generally known to the public. It’s not just the 40-member group, but it’s a much larger group of 40 who came into our territory, and the police successfully dealt with them in a way not stopping them succeeding in their intentions. They are part of the Kumanovo group and want to carve out part of the territory of Macedonia, which would not be under the jurisdiction of the Court forWar Crimes in Kosovo”, said Ivanov.

The President today visited the Ministry of Interior, where he met with Minister of Interior Dimitar Chavkov, the Director of the Public Security Bureau (PSB), Goranco Savovski and the Director of the Agency for Security and Counterintelligence, (UBK) Ljupco Andonovski.

Нашите вести во вашето сандаче

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