President Gjorge Ivanov, in his evening speech, said that responsibility must be held for the violent events of April 27th of this year, however, that human rights and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty must be respected.

Ivanov repeated that, as before and now, he still supports the initiative “For a United Macedonia”, which, as he said, is “made up of citizens who have rallied behind the idea of protecting the country”.

He stated that these citizens can not be treated like terrorists.

Ivanov said that in the upcoming period, when the necessary reforms need to be fulfilled, a national consensus and dialogue will be needed to fulfill the reforms.

“With revanchism, the situation in society is polarized. I call on the competent institutions to respect the Constitution and the legal order of Macedonia”, said Ivanov.

He emphasized that the people expect solutions, not problems, afterall, all political subjects should serve in the interests of all citizens.

Ivanov went on to say that “there is nothing more tragic and more dangerous than an inter-Macedonian clash,” stressing that throughout history, always at such moments, evil was brought upon us.

Ivanov’s address comes after the Ministry of Interior, by order of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office, took into custody 36 people today, for the violence that occurred in Parliament on April 27th of this year.