President Gjorge Ivanov in an interview with the newspaper “Dnevnik” again attacked the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, this time accusing him of creating the political crisis. He also said that the Special Prosecutor’s Office acts selectively.

Ivanov again calls on Zaev “to build up the courage” and send a personal request to the President and have his pardon withdrawn. Zoran Zaev was granted a pardon for the “Global” case in 2008 by the President at the time, Branko Crvenkovski.

Ivanov said that last year he attempted to initiate a leadership meeting, without the public’s knowledge, to resolve the political crisis, but the idea was rejected by Zaev, who, according to Ivanov, was afraid he would be arrested. The President blames Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti for their servility towards the representatives of the International Community in the country.

When asked about the security situation in the country, the President, among other things, said that citizens should be calm and have confidence in the institutions and the security services.

“Currently, we have a different security situation. The police and the security services are again under control, and the chain of command is intact. The entire system of the intelligence services in a way was breached by the tectonic activities of Verushevski (Zoran Verushevski, former Head of the Security and Counter-Intelligence Agency) and his group. However, we survived that attack and we are reforming that whole sector”, said President Ivanov.

Ivanov expects the political crisis to be solved by conducting elections, and respecting the Constitution and the laws of the land.

“This is real politics, and in politics, everything is solved through dialogue, not by a monologue. This is not a fight for life or death, as they portray the situation to be. If we can not open some sort of dialogue, then the only thing left to do in such matters, is to respect the fortified procedures. That would mean conducting elections, coming out to the polls, and regaining the confidence of the people. There is no other way to solve this crisis, because if the Constitution and laws are not respected we will enter a pre-political state, where conflicts will be unavoidable”, said Ivanov.