Ivanov: The laws on languages and its ratification were published unconstitutionally

The publishing of the Law on use of languages and the Law on ratification of the Prespa Agreement in the Official Gazette without the signature of the President of the Republic of Macedonia are contrary to the Constitution, stated the President of the state, Gjorge Ivanov in his press release.

He said that the procedure itself behind both laws to be published is enough for a basis for criminal prosecution.

“By submitting both these laws at the Oficial Gazette, the Article 75 of the Constitution of R. of Macedonia has been violated while the publishing of these laws has been done illegally and represents a basis for criminal prosecution” states the press release.

President Ivanov states that the Constitutional Court, the Prosecution and the judiciary are on the move.

“This is the moment that will show whether in the Republic of Macedonia there is a Constitutional Court, whether the Prosecution is functioning and whether there is a rule of law” said Ivanov.

The head of the state, also, hideously is addressing the representatives of the international community, stating that the support of such precedent could cause damage to the rule of law and the legal state.

“I’m asking myself, whether the high representatives of the international community who are supporting this government coalition will speak and support this manner of passing laws? Whether they will support these precedents tht are causing unforseeable consequences and damage tot he law and the legal state, and whether such precedents are applied in their own countries?” states the press relase.