President Gjorge Ivanov devoted much of his speech to the Agreement with Greece in his address for the occasion of August 2 – Ilinden Uprising at Mečkin Kamen in Krushevo.

“It is a lie to say that with the Greek agreement, the 74-year-old right for self-determination and statehood of the Macedonian people is not being respected. On the contrary, this agreement with Greek erases the state-legal continuity of the ideal of the Macedonian people to have their own state. The 27-year history of the independent Macedonian state will also be deleted. It is a lie to say that the agreement with Greek guarantees membership in the European Union and NATO. Without real reforms, without fighting corruption, without the fight against party elitism and clientelism, there is no EU and NATO membership. To accept this harmful deal with Greek, and to change the Macedonian Constitution, EU and NATO membership does not automatically follow”, said Ivanov.