there is no announcement from the President of the state, Gjorge Ivanov, that he wants to have an annual address at the Parliament, said the parliamentary speaker, Talat Xhaferri during the briefing with the journalists.

-In previous years, we would have received a request from Ivanov, but this years we haven’t received anything. If he wishes to address, he will have to act quickly and to lodge a request in order for a term to be provided. This is the president’s right and not an obligation which means he may not want to use this right – said Xhaferri.

Ivanov’s mandate will be over on the 2nd of May next year, and the presidential elections will be called for probably by the end of January or at the start of February, informed Xhaferri.

Xhaferri was decisive that the former Prime MInister, Nikola Gruevski, who has fled to HUngary, will have to paid his salary because it is his constitutional right.

-I’m obliged to give him his salary as long as he has an MP mandate. It will be decreased due to unauthorized absence. If he has access to his banking account he can take his salary. In order for his mandate to be terminated two third of the total number of MPs will have to vote. The MP mandate is a constitutional category and it cannot be changed by changing of the Rule book – said Xhaferri.

The parliamentary session for determining the constitutional amendments for changing of the Constitution in accordance to the Prespa Agreement will start tomorrow and it can last 12 days the most, but Xhaferri is convinced that this dead line will be shorter.