“In the implementation of the most shameful act in the history of the Republic of Macedonia, in an incomprehensible hurry, at least for me, there was no need for such haste, as you actually pardoned Fatime Fetai from Gostivar. I believe that you thought of me, or you associated her with me , however someone should have informed you of my personal information”, stated the prosecutor from the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), Fatime Fetai in a letter to President Gjorge Ivanov asking him to withdraw his pardon he had granted her in his decision, reports “Sakam da kazam” .

She pointed out to the President that she is from the village of Bogovinje – Tetovo, and not from Gostivar. Ms Fetai also said, this whole Rashamon effect which Ivanov has created, has completely erased the legal system in the Republic of Macedonia.

Special prosecutors Lile Stefanova, Fatime Fetai and Gabriel Bubevski sent separate letters to President Gjorge Ivanov, and have asked to make a decision on who will he put out of his legal forced decision to pardon – immunity from prosecution without conducting proceedings.

They pointed out to Ivanov, that the basic requirement to pardon a person from criminal prosecution, that same individual has to have criminal proceedings against them. All three prosecutors have no pending criminal procedures.