Ivanov on Brexit: We fear that the EU could travel the same road as Yugoslavia


We received the news about what happened today in the UK with great concern, primarily because all our strategic objectives are aimed towards the European Union, stated today the President of the country, Gjorgi Ivanov, during his visit to the Ministry of Interior.

Ivanov said that Europe now finds itself in a new situation for which they have no previous experience for, and that Macedonia will closely follow further developments,and hopefully, the EU leadership will remain strong and come to any decisions responsibly.

“We have previously pointed out that the way decisions are made in Europe does not correspond to the time in which we live in. The European Union were not accustomed or willing to make two decisions at the same time, however,  their focus always remains on one problem at a time. Today’s news has upset all of us because all our citizens expect and want to be part of this great European family one day”, said Ivanov.

The President added that in a time of crisis, countries become selfish, and radical right-wing groups emerge and blame all of their problems on immigrants and Muslims, Islamophobia appears against people who flee their homes because of the hardship of war.

“We, who are from an older generation, we experienced the tragedy of the former Yugoslavia, where there was also a system of collective decision-making. Where is that state now? We are worried by the possibility that the European Union may go down the same road”, said Ivanov.

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