President Gjorge Ivanov, yesterday and today telephoned several Presidents and Prime Ministers from member states of the European Union and the Balkan corridor regarding the migrant crisis and discussed the incident that occurred on March 14, when 1,500 migrants from Greece illegally entered Macedonian territory, in the village of Moin near Gevgelija. As announced by Ivanov’s office, he asked his counter-parts to “immediately put an end to the practice of pouring in more migrants and setting up camps on the border line of Macedonia” and noted that the “Balkan corridor for illegal crossings is closed.”

“Macedonia will take all measures and activities for the protection of the state borders and the preservation of national security, and the Macedonian security institutions in the future, as before, will continue to responsibly and professionally deal with the refugee crisis, while taking into account the obligation for humane treatment of the refugees “, stated Ivanov.

He informed his counterparts and colleagues that Macedonia in the future will act in accordance with the decisions of the European Council, and will monitor the actions of other countries on the Balkan corridor, and will not allow illegal entry of migrants in the country.