Ivanov greets citizens a Happy New Year and a better 2017

This year which passed, we want to forget it as soon as possible. We faced many crises and challenges. It is appropriate to learn lessons from it and come out stronger, wiser and more responsible. We should not allow all that was negative to repeat itself, according to a New Year’s greetings from President Gjorge Ivanov to the citizens.

He added that the New Year in each of us awakens new expectations, hopes and desires.

“It is during these times when we feel the power of hope and joy, it brings us back to the fundamental human values, the need to have solidarity, the nee to be humane and fair”, said the Presidents holiday greetings.

Ivanov wished citizens their desires become a reality, and that their reality is more beautiful and more pleasent for all.

“Let the upcoming holidays bring us new strength, new joy, positive thinking and a renewed sense of hope for a fulfilling a life of peace, prosperity and well-being”, adds the greeting.