Ivanov: Greece should stop holding Macedonia hostage for admission to NATO


The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, said that at the upcoming NATO summit, Macedonia is finally expected to become a member of the Alliance, and Greece should “show awareness of what is happening in the region and its selfish interests should not to be the basis for holding out country hostage”. During today’s visit to the soldiers in the barracks Chojlija, he also added that in the name dispute, Macedonia has done a lot in the process within the UN, but Greece does not fulfill its obligations.

“I hope that in the upcoming period, NATO structures will not be held hostage by one of its members, who comes first of all for its own interests, and not for the interests of NATO and the situation throughout the region. We expect this to be exposed at the NATO Summit and for Macedonia finally become a NATO member. What Greece is looking for is within the United Nations is the name dispute. All these years, we actively participate, but we are facing demands that are not in accordance with the UN Charter and UN resolutions that do not correspond with the bilateral agreement, which Greece voluntarily accepted and did not fulfill it”, said Ivanov.

Regarding the Bulgarian EU Presidency, the Macedonian President says that Macedonia has clearly outlined its expectations, which is finally to get a date for the start of negotiations.

“It’s a long and painful process, but we are ready and our administration is ready. All issues arising from our adjustment to the EU have been met during the negotiations. This blockade does not cost, but so far we have not seen in any way, for Greece to be pointed out for the damage done to Macedonia and the entire region”, Ivanov said.

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