President Gjorge Ivanov addressed citizens tonight and appealed for calm amid the tensions and violence and called on leaders of the parliamentary parties to attend the leaders’ meeting tomorrow at his office.

“In these times of great concern surrounding the recent events in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, I urge everybody to be calm. I call on you all to remain calm and not to succumb to various provocations, fake news and manipulations. I call for calm amid the tension and violence. I call for reasonable and responsible behavior”, said Ivanov.

He called for responsible behavior from all institutions, which all must comply with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

“MPs are most responsible for restoring the situation in accordance with the Constitution, the laws and Rules and Regulations of Parliament, which were violated today. Everyone should take responsibilty for their actions and be aware of the consequences resulting from them”, said Ivanov.

He pointed out that this situation can be overcome, by respecting the legal order of the state and through dialogue a solution can be found for all issues, in accordance with the Consitution of Macedonian and the laws.

“Therefore, I urge the leaders of the parliamentary parties tomorrow to come to my office for a leadership meeting to review the current situation. At the leaders’ meeting we will consider all options for calm and for finding a way out of this new situation. Leaders have received the trust of the people and are most responsible for finding solutions in accordance with the Constitution, the laws and the Rules and Regulations of Parliament”, said Ivanov, adding that “no one from the outside world will solve our problems if we ourselves do not solve them, in accordance with the state interests of the Republic of Macedonia”.