At tonight’s protest, there was a small clash between the ‘Rapid Deployment Unit’ and demonstrators from the “Colourful Revolution” when the protesters attempted to demolish the monument dedicated to Prometheus, which was part of the infamous “Skopje 2014” project and is located in the Woman-Warrior Park.

Demonstrators began to move the protective scaffolding from around the monument. They then tied a cloth around the statue of Prometheus and tried to topple it. It was at this point, thirty members of the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) surrounded the monument pushed protesters away from the area.

Some of the protesters pelted the police with stones, bottles, and cans, however, the stewards from the “Colourful Revolution” intervened and called on demonstrators to be calm.

There were no major incidents at tonight’s protest.

Stones and bottles ended up being thrown at the windows of the Ministry of Justice, and protesters hurled more paint at the Ministry with the help of hoses, pumps and barrels of colour.

From the Ministry of Justice, demonstrators headed towards Parliament and again threw more paint at the building with a large slingshot.

The protest began as usual, at 19:00pm in front of the SPO and headed towards the Government building where activist Pavle Bogoevski, from the Levica party, and even the Vice-President of the SDSM, Radmila Sekerinska addressed the people.

They all declared that it time for the Government to resign, and citizens be allowed to participate in negotiations and decision making.

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