Is this a court or is it a circus, shop or fountain?

The most important court in the country – Basic Court Skopje 1, which, among others, handles the most important procedures for organized crime, in the past ten days has turned into a “circus”.

In recent days, the Criminal Court has turned into a place where employees enforce justice with pushing and punching, judges are dealing with criminal charges and counter charges , complaints are submitted to the Judicial Council for misuse of the official website. And on the top of all this, the President of the Court, Vladimir Panchevski remarked that “every judge in the Criminal Court are like local shops and fountains” that are closing.

“Who are these judges, and why are they hiding? They hide behind convictions and hide behind their abbreviated signatures. You know, every judge in Basic Court Skopje 1 is like a local shop, every judge is like a fountain. And someone is closing their fountains and they are angry. It is these 15 judges who are accusing me of abusing the official website of the court, they even made the court’s bailiff take their complaint to the Judicial Council. Look who’s abusing the system for personal purposes”, said Panchevski.

This comment was made by Panchevski after 13 of his colleagues yesterday sent a letter to the Judicial Council, where they requested the Council sanction the President of the Criminal Court for allegedly abusing the court’s  official website for personal actions and attitudes of a certain judge.

Yesterday, to add to the circus like atmosphere, news emerged that there had been a fight in the court between two employees, police were called, and criminal charges were filed.