Diablo 3. Скриншот од играта.

Both games Diablo 3 and Path of Exile are very similar yet they are different. While Path of Exile is Free to Play and Diablo 3 is buy to play-you buy it once and don’t pay monthly fees, the availability is a very important factor. Maybe Diablo 3 looks better and it’s been worked upon in detail, but it is too short when compared to Path of Exile which has a lot more content. The Skill Tree in Path of Exile is amazing and huge, especially because of the factor that every character can be played the way you want and how will you decide to place the talents in. 

While on Diablo 3 the skills are more limited and the builds themselves are not over complicated as they are on Path of Exile but still with both games you have to use guides from the net. The best website for builds for Diablo 3 is Icy-veins.com while for the builds for Path of Exile it is better if they are learned from YouTube. 

The announcement and the footage from Path of Exile 2 that is still a game in the making seemed pretty good especially because you can do unlocks for Path of Exile 1. That’s different in Diablo where each new game is separate. There is also footage from Diablo 4 that is also in the making and looks very well but both games look like they have some kind of gray filter on them. Of course Diablo Immortal was also announced for mobile phones and it’s not at all bad especially because it is going to be free to play. Also Diablo 2 Resurrected is coming out soon which is basically Diablo 2 with better graphics and better networking, and it’s available for preorder even now. But the stacked up prices compared to Path of Exile that is free represents a huge difference. 

 Recently they started adding something similar to seasons in Diablo 3 to Path of Exile. The seasons in Diablo 3 are played with brand new characters that start on level 1 (you can also use an existing character that will do the same) and you play to gather more gear, because most of the players are getting boosted to lvl 70 from friends and everyone else because that lasts like 15 minutes of Rifts and it’s not a problem to be done. There is also boosting for gear where you only have to survive and get the drops while the booster kills everything in the stage for you. Each season has a different character frame, a new minipet (the minipets in Diablo 3 gather the gold that drops for you). Those are a few moments that speed up the game progression and in a way ruin the game.

Path of Exile. Фото: Скриншот

A similar moment is that in Path of Exile at the end game levels a lot of legendary weapons drop the same as in Diablo 3 and the Stash chest where players keep these legendary weapons, armor and items is getting full in both games. While in Diablo 3 you cannot directly trade with other players (you can only trade if you’ve earned the items while in the same group) in Path of Exile there are alot people that are giving away legendary weapons and armor all the time, cause those are items that are surplus for them, and instead of destroying them they are giving the items away to beginners and to people that are in too deep in the game and want or need those items. That also ruins the progression in the game.

lthough Path of Exile is online it is mostly played as a solo game,while in Diablo3 it is easier for players to  group and play together. While Path of Exile may look revolting at times because there are really grotesque stages and enemies, and however there is talk that Diablo 3 is bad-its not that bad and the atmosphere is better because of the high production value content. 

While you pay for expansion on Diablo 3 from which one is too short and the other only unlocks the Necromancer plus two chest tabs and there is no content except for the character class, Path of Exile offers several expansions for free.

Is Path of Exile a good replacement for Diablo? Yes and no. And the reasons are listed above. When you get to choose between these two games it’s best to choose them both.