The international community, who brokered the Pržino Agreement, after the SPO encountered obstructions in their investigation into the UBK (Administration of Security and Counterintelligence), they stated that Katica Janeva must have the support of all the institutions while carrying out full and independent investigations.

The guarantors of the Pržino Agreement had various reactions to yesterday’s events, and reminded all parties involved, that resolving the political crisis is crucial to returning Macedonia to the Euro-Atlantic path, and for that to happen, it is very important to have legal and political accountability for the wiretapping and the content which has arisen from it.

European Commission

All parties repeatedly committed themselves to support and facilitate the work of the Special Public Prosecutor, without obstructions. The European Union strongly encourages all bodies in the country to act within these clear obligations and with the utmost respect for the legal position of the SPO. The European Union emphasized the importance of the legal and political accountability for the wiretapping and the content which arisen from it.

Embassy of the United States

The SPO must be able to conduct a full and independent investigation, free from delays or obstructions, and government institutions and political parties should cooperate in those processes.

EU Delegation

We remind that all parties committed themselves to support the work of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Charles Garrett, Ambassador to Great Britain

The SPO was agreed by all four leaders of the main political parties and unanimously supported in Parliament. So no one should stand in the way of this important work – because unless these allegations are properly investigated, there cannot be a sustainable resolution to the political crisis

Embassy of Slovakia

We call on all parties for the consistent and non-selective implementation of the obligations which were concluded in the Pržino Agreement. It would be in Skopje’s benefit to return to Brussels trajectory.