Last year, the Macedonian city of Veles, which has a population of 45.000 people, witnessed a digital gold rush when citizens opened at least 140 websites which promoted propaganda for the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, reported the American website “Buzzfeed”.

In the article “Buzzfeed” quotes the text from “Meta” News Agency which was published last year in April, after “Meta” contacted five veles residents, who were registered owners of websites which promoted propaganda news in favour of the potential Republican candidate for President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.


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According to the owners of the website’s “Meta” had contacted, Veles had been flooded with similar web “portals” in search of more clicks for profit. Five young residents from Veles said that they were motivated by the financial perks for registering websites.

“Buzzfeed”, in its analysis says that the websites had names that sounded American, like,,, and All of them aggressively published content in favour of the Republican candidate, and designed for Trump supporters in the United States.

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