The announced internal investigation in “Macedonian Telecom” and “T-Mobile” regarding the doubts for their possible involvement in the scandal “Wiretapping”, presented by opposition leader Zoran Zaev will be conducted by external experts, confirmed representatives of “Deutsche Telekom” for META.

On Monday, in the announcement for the annex to the acquisition contract of “T-Mobile” to “Macedonian Telecom”, “Macedonian Telecom” dimly informed that the board of directors of the telecom reached “a decision to approve the implementation of the announced internal investigation” without giving any details whether the investigation will be performed by outside consultants, as it was initially announced, and who will hire them.

META sent these two questions on Tuesday to “Macedonian Telecom”, “Magyar Telekom” and “Deutsche Telekom”.

We received reply from the Hungarian telecom and the parental company from Germany.

“Deutsche Telekom” is not directly involved in Macedonia, but through its Hungarian subsidiary “Magyar Telekom”, which is a direct shareholder in the case. Hence, “Magyar Telekom” will lead the planned investigation, which will be conducted by independent, external experts,” reads the letter from Elpida Trizi from corporate communications department of “Deutsche Telekom.”

“Magyar Telekom”, however, says they are “in close contact with “Macedonian Telecom” in relation to this issue,” and that “they are planning an investigation with the support of external experts.”

“In accordance with company policy, we are not in a position to comment on the planned investigation,” reads the letter from the corporate communications department of “Magyar Telekom.”

We didn’t receive a response to the questions from “Macedonian Telecom.”