There are no conditions for holding fair, free and democratic elections on April the 24th 2016. Insisting only on the date for the election, without a clear timetable to meet the conditions, paves the way for a risk of a potential boycott by many citizens, which will undoubtedly lead to a deepening of the crisis in Macedonia.
This is the common conclusion of the Macedonian Centre for European Education, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, the NGO Info Centre, Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, Transparency Macedonia, the “Metamorphosis” Foundation and the Institute for Human Rights.

“Everyone should bear in mind the constant pressure the Special Public Prosecutor is under from the ruling party, which is the only independent institution established by the Przino Agreement”, emphasized Fani Karanfilova Panovska from FOSM (Foundation Open Society – Macedonia).
The analysis presented today pointed out the fact that there are still no functional mechanisms established for parliamentary and judicial control over UBK (Administration for Security and Counter-intelligence), which shows that it is still possible for the system to conduct mass illegal eavesdropping.
“According to some information, the data from databases are substandard and in different formats, making it near impossible to cleanse the voters’ list with quality cross checks”, said Andrej Stojkovski from MCEE (Macedonian Centre for European Education).
If Parliament does dissolve on February 24th, according to the analysis, it will no longer be possible for any legislative intervention, regardless of the needs that will develop in determining the degree of the deficiencies in the voters’ list.