To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and the increase of the number of new infections during the forthcoming festive season, the Infectious Diseases Commission of North Macedonia will recommend a new set of restrictive measures for the period from 18th of December until the 21st of January. One of them is imposing that the caffes, bars and restaurants close at 18 hours instead of 21 hours, as is the case now.

The Commission will also submit a recommendation for social distancing within the homes during the forthcoming holiday season and will recommend that all hotels close their restaurants by 21 hours. Regarding the religious feasts, the Infectious Diseases Commission is stressing that the ban on groupings of more than 4 people in open spaces is still on, while inside the facilities it is recommended that the maximum number of visitors must not exceed more than 30% of the capacity and all visitors must be wearing masks.

The Commission proposes to ban all kinds of celebrations organized by the firms and the enterprises.

As informs the minister’s cabinet, today’s session of the Commission was attended by representatives of the Independent Chamber of Hospitality Industry who disagreed with the new package of restrictive measures that refers to the reorganization of hospitality businesses’ working hours and submitted their own proposals.