Police from Lucknow, a city in northern India, uses a new weapon to deal with rioters – drones with tear gas.
Jashavi Yadav, chief of police in Lucknow, said his officers successfully carried out a test flight of the drones, which were obtained to more effectively control the crowds.
– The results are brilliant. We were able to learn how to precisely target the people in the crowd, regardless of the wind and the size of the crowd. Tear gas is not lethal, but very effective for crowd control. We can spray from different height to achieve maximum results – said Yadav.
Police obtained five drones with tear gas, which price is nine dollars per aircraft. Drones are equipped with a camera that records in high resolution, can carry up to two pounds of tear gas and can fly in a radius of one kilometer from the person who controls them.
Police from Lucknow previously used drones for surveillance, especially during religious holidays.
Lucknow, which is eighth largest city in India, has two million inhabitants and is the capital of Uttar Pradesh.