At the latest, by the middle of next year, construction will start on five new express motorways, said the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski today in Negotino,  adding that the project is worth 300 million euros.

“We’re talking about the way from Stip to Kocani, and then Stip – Radovis, Rankovce – Kriva Palanka, Gradsko – Prilep and Ohrid – Peshtani. These are five express roads whose construction will start by the middle of next year, some of them a little earlier. When I say express roads, I mean roads with four lanes that will be up to highway standards to the extent of the curves, uphill and downhill parts of the roads”, said Prime Minister Gruevski, adding that in the future they could grow into proper highways if necessary.

Prime Minister Gruevski stressed that the funding for the project is secured and the necessary agreements have been signed with international banks.
“We have signed all the contracts, some of them financed by the World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank, as well as other various forms of financing, but for all financial matters, contracts were provided and were signed. This case passed through Parliament and now follows the preparative work for a public call for the contractor so the contractors can start to work – said Nikola Gruevski.