During the period when the general public is preoccupied with the air pollution, it seems that the new data provided by the State Statistic Office go unnoticed about the problem with the sewage discharge which indicates that in our country they are discharged unfiltered into the rivers and nature.

Out of 110 million cubic meters of sewage, 80 million unfiltered sewage has ended up in the rivers and nature during last year. Only 23 million filtered square meters of water were discharged last year.

According to Според data provided by State Statistic Office, the value of expenses for the protection of environment during 2018 was 11.2 billion denars.

Out of the total expenses for protecting the environment, according to its environmental purpose, the majority of the expenses are for managing waste (64.2 %). and then come the expenses intended for education and educational activities (9.7 %) and the expenses for managing sewage (9.4 %) i.e. the least of the funds is intended for this purpose.