In the last 24 hours a total of 5255 migrants crossed the Greek border into Macedonia and have been issued with documentation for the intention for asylum application, from the Ministry of the Interior. Of the 5255 migrants, most are of Syrian origin, a total of 3,070, migrants from Afghanistan totalled 905, plus 1280 migrants from Iraq. Since the Ministry of the Interior began issuing such certificates and documentation on June 19 a total of 330,798 migrants have transited through Macedonian territory. A breakdown of the figures issued with certificates and documentation show the most numerous were migrants of Syrian origin (191,431), Afghanistan migrants (79,968), Iraqi migrants (37,958), from Iran (6231) Palestinians (2158), Somalia (1,276), Bangladesh (1253), Morocco (1317), The Congo (514), Algeria (453), Lebanon (434) and Nigeria (279), plus a small number from various other countries.