Civil Initiative “I protest” today on its “Facebook” page, said that the government will not intimidate them with police interviews and called on citizens to take to the streets.

“We will not give up from this struggle! We will not be intimidated by threats and pressure! Will not be intimidated by police interviews! We learned that tomorrow Uranija Pirovska has been called for questioning. #I Protest is a first person singular, but we will all stand in solidarity as long as people are under the pressure from the regime. #I Protest cares for others”, said the I protest movement.

The statement said it would not allow the government to escape with what they have stolen, or even worse to stay in the country without justice.

“We will not allow cover-ups to continue anymore, we can’t lose another year of reforms like what is happening now “one step forward, three steps back”, the statement said, urging citizens, especially those who have not yet participated in protests to come today at 18:00 to come before the Special Prosecutor’s Office and join the protest.