HERA: Over 90% of the Romani women in North Macedonia with no education or just elementary education

Фото: Арбнора Мемети

The unemployment is a longstanding problem for Romani women in North Macedonia. Only 4 Romani women are at managerial positions in the 142 monitored public institutions and at other, non-managerial positions, they are present with only 0.47% out of the total number of the employees. Out of 7 647 persons that had been using the active measures and employment services during 2019 nationwide, only 169 were Romani women, shows the data from the research conducted during 2020 by the Group for Equal Employment Opportunities.

According to the data provided by the National Operative Employment Plan, the unemployment rate among the Romani people compared to other nationalities shows that 9.1 % of all registered unemployed persons are Romani. It also shows that most of them (13.27%) are aged between 40 and 44 while the total number of registered unemployed Romani women on national level is 94.08% and they either have elementary education or no education.