The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia prepared a special report on the rampage and the brutal outbreak of violence in Parliament on April the 27th, which seeks to accurately inform the public about all criminal offenses committed, including attempted murder.

At the same time, the Helsinki Committee with the report from the Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked that a preliminary investigation be initiated to establish criminal responsibility for the crimes covered in the report.

This special report concerns crimes identified through photographs, audio-video footage and testimonies, as well as crimes for which there are only doubts, but have not yet been explored whether they have been committed and by whom.

The report addresses the violations of rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and which are sanctioned by the Criminal Code. It contains a total of 27 criminal cases, for which there is already considerable evidence for 17 cases and 10 offenses suspected to have been committed. Possible perpetrators have been divided into four groups: organizers, administrators, police officers, and their superiors.

“The role of the judicial authorities is to determine whether and which of the alleged crimes committed or whether there was an attempt and not to allow wrong qualification, collective accountability and arbitrary sanctions”, the report said.