In 2015 we were witnesses to the absolute abuse of the state system to strengthen the power of the ruling coalition, against the wishes and needs of the citizens who are completely lost in party-political discourse and lost already weak confidence in institutions, reads the statement of the Helsinki Human Rights Committee on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.

“Starting with the mass surveillance of citizens’ communications, excessive use of force by police at protests of May 5, and then restricting the right to protest in front of institutions, especially in front of Government, the restriction of freedom of expression, the discrimination which continues to exists in every pore of society, especially in marginalized communities and refugees, we can conclude that in 2015 the democratic system and society was demolished”, said the Helsinki Committee.

Member States of the United Nations today marked the occasion of International Human Rights Day, with the message “Our rights, our freedom ” to promote and raisethe awareness of two fundamental Covenants on Civil and Political, Economic, Social and Cultural rights, which in 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of their adoption.

Macedonia, as a member of the United Nations endorsed the two international documents, and they became part of our legal system.

“Although this means that the state must guarantee and respect the rights and freedoms because of these documents, Macedonia does the complete opposite and still restricts even basic freedoms and rights while securing effective mechanisms for their protection,” says the Helsinki Committee.