In 24 months the deadline for filing an indictment from the Special Public Prosecutor should increase, demanded today the Helsinki Committee under the initiative of civil organizations for the implementation of urgent democratic reforms.

Uranija Pirovska, the President of the Helsinki Committee said, in addition, they also demand an independent budget for the SPO, and a legal resolution that will make office become a permanent body.

“New members with new criteria and experience should be proposed to theCourt Council. We are also asking that the government urgently adopts a new Law on protected witnesses and the Law on whistleblowers. We believe that there should be a separate department in the criminal court for cases arising from the wiretapped materials, so the SPO can work without pressure”, said Pirovska.

This view is echoed by the former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Margarita Caca Nikoloska, which according to her will require the establishment of a specialized court department.

“It is obvious that judges are ruling under pressure. They went to different workshops in and outside the country to familiarize with the experience provided by the new Criminal Code but did not find the courage to realize them. Also, the Public Prosecutor’s Office did not find the will to process the cases before handing them over to the SPO. Therefore necessary new Judicial Department on these cases”, said Nikolovski.