If the number of people infected with Covid-19 is low, the Health Minister Venko Filipche announced a gradual relaxation of restrictive measures. Starting from next week, the first to start with work are entities that are organizing education programs, courses, and they shall be first to start functioning from next week, said Filipche during today’s press conference. He stressed that at places where a physical distance can be achieved, everyone who will be able to put a desk system shall have a priority.

Commenting the yesterday’s religious event in Struga, he said that condemns this act which for him means disrespect towards the health workers and all of those in the past period who have been abiding to the rules in order to overcome the crisis.

This morning he spoke via telephone with MPC’s chief and asked not to be any new gatherings of the faithful.

Filipche also reacted to Islamic Community’s announcement (after the events in Struga) that after 12th of May it will open the doors to the mosques for the faithful reminding that the ban on gatherings of more than two people is still in force.

“I appeal any gatherings to be prevented while these measures are still into force. Each irresponsible behavior may return us back at the start of the crisis and all of that will reflect on the country’s functioning” stressed Filipche.

This morning a meeting with the members of the Committee for Infectious Diseases took place during which it was proposed that the curfew during the weekend to start at 7 pm and to end the next day at 5 am. “This proposal will be submitted at today’s session of the Government” said Filipche.