The daily report from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) on the number of migrants who yesterday were issued certificates expressing intention to seek asylum shows that the police in the southern border only registered citizens of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

“In the a 24 hour period on November 19, 2015, we issued a the total of 2.589 confirmations to foreigners. According to the citizenship of people who were issued most certificates, with the largest number of citizens are from Syria – 1149, Afghanistan – 966, Iraq – 474, while others are less,”, said a statement of the Ministry of Interior.

The last part of the quote, “while others are less” was probably overlooked due to the previous example from announcements of the MOI because of the movement of migrants. The sum of the number of migrants from these three countries is 2.589 people.

We asked the MOI , but so far we still have not received an answer, whether they have already enforced the limit on the quota of migrants they have missed coming through from Greece.

Deputy Minister of Interior Mitko Chavkov said yesterday, under the third working session of the Salzburg Forum, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, among others, that Macedonia could only take in 3,000 migrants a day.

“Taking into account the new situation by reducing the number of migrants transiting through the western Balkan Route and which should not be more than 3,000 a day,yet everyday they come through the country in the south is large numbers daily like 7,000-9,000. Chavkov noted that the management of this condition will be very difficult without the Greek authorities truly dedicated at reducing the number of migrants they are sending to the Republic of Macedonia. We also need as well urgent and pressing active participation from all European institutions, especially in cooperation with, Frontex and Europol, in terms of quick and immediate commissioning of so-called “Hot Spots” in Greece and Italy”, said a statement from the Ministry of Interior.