Hahn warns: The Agreement from Przhino has be implemented in its entirety and without delay


“Allow me to be cristally clear: the European Union didn’t mediate for short-term stability. Our goal is to help the country on its Euro-Atlantic path and help strengthen democracy, open society and rule of law through elections and reforms,” said European Commissioner Hahn in a post on his blog in which, among the rest, he recommended that party leaders and signers of the Agreement, that “there is no time to waste” and that it “must be implemented without delay.”

“Serious questions regarding the rule of law came to light in the telephone tapping scandal, but also following the events in Kumanovo- it shows that the country is on the edge of a political as well economic abyss; this posed serious risk for the country to step off its Euro-Atlantic integration. There is no time to waste. The EU can’t allow unstable zones on its borders. What is most important is that the country’s citizens deserve something better,” wrote Hahn.

According to him, the fact that the political leaders managed to reach an agreement in the early hours on July 15, after 13 hours of negotiations without stopping, is a success for the country.

“Its leaders finally understood that they must make compromises, they must put the interests of the country and its citizens at first place and then find a way out of the crisis through early elections that are to be fair and free. The joint efforts of the European Parliament, its member states, the United States and myself in facilitating the talks, were directed at bridging the gap between them. First and foremost now is that this agreement is signed by the leaders of the main political parties and now they must implement it in full, in good faith and without delays,” wrote the European Commissioner.

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