Only one out of five municipalities i.e. little less than 20%, has been regularly publishing the calls for public procurements on their websites, showed the survey that the News Agency has performed scrutinizing the web sites of the 80 municipalities and the City of Skopje. Almost half of the municipalities, or 48%, do not have any data about the public procurements published on their websites or the published data is obsolete.
15 municipalities have published old contracts in their public procurement sections or no information at all, while 21 municipalities do not even publish the calls and the advertisements, nor a link to any of their advertisements at the Electronic System for Public Procurements (ESPP).
The City of Skopje and 26 other municipalities only publish the bigger procurements, concluded contracts or have published links to the ESPP with advertisements. One of the municipalities has no website at all, and another two have an extremely nonfunctional presence on the internet.

Only 16 municipalities regularly published their advertisements for public procurements on their websites, showed the analysis that Meta conducted.
The low level of transparency of the local authorities is confirmed by the Index of active transparency of the Center for Civil Communications. According to this index, the municipalities are only publishing a quarter of the information regarding finances that they are obliged to publish.
Last week, the Government recommended to the municipalities and the City of Skopje to publish the basic information about public procurements on their websites as a transparency procedure in accordance with the National action plan for an open government partnership.
Both the municipalities and the ministries are not that diligent when it comes to publishing information regarding budgetary and fiscal transparency, where out of potential 100% the municipalities come only with 26% (last year it was 25%) and the ministries with 57% (last year it was 26%) out of the obligations for an active publishing of information, concludes the analysis made by the Center of Civil Communications (CCC).
Even though it is higher than last year, the active transparency of the ministries and the municipalities still remains on a lower level throughout the year of 2019, stresses the CCC which states that the percentage of meeting the requests for a proactive publishing of information of a public character is 56% at all 97 institutions that are included in the survey.
For the third year in a roll, the active transparency of the ministries is on the rise, while after the two year fall, a rise is noticed in the municipalities’ active transparency. Still, there is a big divide between the degree of active transparency of the ministries and the municipalities states the survey, which determined that the average active transparency is 77.6% at the ministries and 51.7% at the municipalities
For the second year in a row, only 8 out of 20 best-ranked institutions are municipalities, unlike in 2017, when 16 municipalities were in that category. On the other hand, only municipalities take the last 39 places on the Center for Civil Communications best-ranked list.
The total value of the public procurements of the municipalities in Macedonia last year was 80 million euros and there were 2.737 public procurements.