Hahn: VMRO-DPMNE must abandon its destructive approach


The EU Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, in an interview for the Austrian magazine “Standard”, said that he is acquainted with the threats issued by the opposition against MPs that want to abandon the party’s lines and to support the Agreement with Greece at the Parliament.

He has asked VMRO-DPMNE to abandon, as he said, its destructive approach and to put the country’s interests and those of the citizens above the party’s interests. He also said that the party will bear full responsibility for the closure of the EU’s doors for Macedonia if the Agreement doesn’t pass.

-This is completely unacceptable for a party that says it is pro-European, democratic party – said Hahn.

He reminds that the Euro-Atlantic integration is a declared goal for VMRO-DPMNE, but the party has to prove that in fact and that the Agreement with Greece will open the doors for the EU and NATO accession.

For the EU Commissioner, the referendum was purely consultative and the vast majority of the citizens voted “For.”

-The boycott calls mean a lack of democratic maturity – thinks the EU Commissioner.

Hahn said that the snap elections carry a risk for breaching the set deadlines for the name agreement and expressed his doubts whether Greece will be able to pass that in its own Parliament. He also said that new elections don’t guarantee the necessary two-third majority.

-Now there is a chance that has to be used or otherwise this unique chance for the Agreement to get passed and with it the road towards EU membership can be lost for a long time, maybe forever – said Hahn.

He also said that VMRO will be completely taken as responsible for such scenario and the missed opportunity that is important not only for Macedonia but the whole region.

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