As enough signatures of MPs have been collected, we look forward to the next steps. We now expect the President to give the mandate to form the next government to the candidate from the parties which have the majority in the Assembly, in line with the Constitution, said the statement of the Euro Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations. After Dui decided last night to grant its signatures for forming a government to SDSM.

In the statement, Hahn said that changes in the democratic societies are natural and that they should be embraced when they have resulted from credible elections.

– Accepting and respecting the election result and the right of leaders to try to form a government is a sign of a mature democracy. Obstructing and undermining such efforts has no place in a democratic process. We, therefore expect all parties to respect democratic principles and standards and engage constructively and aim to find ground for working together and co-operating rather than looking for opportunities to undermine each other. Such approaches of the past threw the country into crisis. They must be avoided by all whether in government and opposition. Both government and opposition have a role and relevance in a functioning democracy and they can both shape a country’s future – said Hahn.

He also said that it is a shared commitment of all parties to move the country back on its Euro-Atlantic path is a shared national strategic objective and offers ground for broad co-operation on much needed and overdue reforms. According to him, this is what citizens demand and deserve.

– Therefore, we call on all relevant actors, including the President and the Parliament, to act fully in line with the Constitution’s letter and spirit and in a responsible manner, to enable a swift formation of a government that will address overdue reforms – said Hahn.