Anonimous urban artists have set artistic installations in several locations in Skopje i.e. big nests with eggs, with which they want to alarm of the huge number of trees that were cut down in the city.

In the nests, there was a message that stated: “You cut down all the trees, and where are we going to build our nests? Signed as “The birds.”

By doing this they wanted to emphasize that for 8 years the city’s parks and trees were decreased by 40%, which influences the increase of the pollution, the destruction of the ambiance values and the city’s whole biodiversity.

“With the destruction of the old and grown up trees in the city, not only are destroyed the longstanding existing nests of the birds but very often they have no place for nesting. According to data provided by environmental associations, a large number of birds like the nightingales, woodpeckers, songbirds, blackbirds and similar noble birds, are on the verge of extinction in the city because of the destruction of their natural habitat” said the artists.