Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was bemused of the opposition’s decision to refuse the proposal for 17 additional MPs for the party that wins the next elections.

-Their refusal is strange. Why would they do that if SDSM claims they are going to win- said Gruevski.

Gruevski said he doesn’t see a relation between and the comments by SDSM’s leader Zoran Zaev where he expresses the necessity of a new census for the majority model.

– We can conduct elections without a census and with a proportional and with a majority model, although it will be good to have a census at any rate. They just look for an excuse and tie the model of elections with a census- remarked Gruevski.

On the journalist question about the migrants he confirmed everything was put into order. According to Gruevski the number of migrants that disturbed the local population was large.

“We took measures and with the relevant institutions from neighboring Greece, we agreed they should let through enough migrants according to our capacity to accept them.”