Today, from Strumica, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski said that citizens need to be vigilant and be prepared for long-term resistance, because, as he said, someone wants to take power with violence.

“This battle will not end in a few days. Therefore, people should be prepared for long-term resistance. Zaev and his gang want to come to power at any cost, even at the cost of violence in Parliament, as he has been conspiring to do in recent days, especially in the next week or after Easter”, announced Gruevski.

He says that the citizens were aware that “someone had sold some things”, and said that former supporters of Zaev are now on the streets.

“We live in difficult times for unitary, statehood and national interests. It is good that people have become sensitized to the extent that things have become clear, and even those who voted for him, now is the moment to stand up and oppose him, which they have been doing. In the streets, there are not just VMRO-DPMNE voters, but there many SDSM voters and from other parties, and even people who didn’t vote”, said Gruevski while answering journalists questions.