On the holy night of the “mega-interview” for the online edition of the weekly news portal “Republika“, VMRO-DPMNE leader, Nikola Gruevski dedicated a huge part of the interview on the dispute with “George Soros and all the millions that he poured into Macedonia” and with the “corrupt journalists, media owners, professors, intellectuals, analysts, activists, led by professional protesters”.

“If it were not for Soros and his entire network of NGOs, media, politicians, inside and outside, who are paid and influenced by the most powerful countries in the world, when it comes to small countries like ours, that decisive influence would not that difficult, the economy would be stronger and we would have more jobs”, Gruevski said in the interview with an indicative title, “The civil sector must not remain in the hands of Soros”.

According to him, the civil sector in the future “must not remain only in the hands of Soros and foreign governments”.

“Soros in Macedonia has formed a modern army. Yes, a classic army, Soros NGOs in Macedonia have created a modern army. Today, battles are not fought with rifles and pistols as they were 100 years ago, but with NGOs, the media and corrupt journalists and they’re influenced by powerful foreign media and powerful foreign governments, who impose their policies on a country, focused on their own objectives. That is the reality and unfortunately, this is how Soros functions. And then they do whatever they want. They crush you, and they mould like you dough. They will make you into a criminal, a thief, a traitor, an idiot, incompetent, and a monster, whatever they intend to do, they will. So, you go to the elections. They’ll invent hundreds of affairs, piles of lies and misinformation, you say one thing, and something else is broadcasted. The international media, such as the “Associated Press” or the “Washington Post”, they can correctly report information, but the media financed by the Soros Foundation in Macedonia can’t. However, there is a cure for this”, said Gruevski and announced that he will reveal this cure in the second part of the interview.

Otherwise, he spent New Year’s eve at “home, with family, and then two to three days in Mavrovo,” but Gruevski did not admit to “resting” but said he had an “an active holiday, and read “a book”.

“I had an active holiday, an apparent vacation, however, my thoughts were constantly working on my plans and strategies for the future. I carried some material with me … and I read a book. “Great Again” by Donald Trump. It’s very interesting. I recommend it”, said Gruevski.