Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski , Minister of Labor and Social Policy Dime Spasov and the Mayor of the Petrovec municipality Borche Mitevski, inaugurated the construction of a new kindergarten in the municipality which will house around 80 children. The kindergarten will be finished in two to three months and will cost 15 million denari, ten of which are provided by the Petrovec municipality and the rest by the Ministry for Labor and Social Policy.

– Many municipalities need new kindergartens. The problem with natality is present in Macedonia and in throughout Europe. The Government of Macedonia is undertaking measures to inspire parents to have more children and expand their families. This is the reason why we are happy that in some areas in the country there is a need now for new kindergartens, which means parents are having more children and the country is becoming younger so that we have someone to leave to all the things that we are creating today- said Gruevski.

The Prime Minister is visiting today the municipalities of Petrovec and Ilinden, where he will check on the development of a sewage system in the industrial zone Kojlija. Gruevski is also going to inaugurate open the new sewage system and a filter station in the suburb Kadino and will check the progress on the construction of a clinic and the reconstruction of the middle school Brakja Miladinovci in the village Miladinovci.