Gruevski from Tetovo: This is a political battle, not a battle of life or death


“People are wiser than Zaev and his group, and with pure heart, we will fight for every citizen and we will work even harder. They have given us an additional motivation for making measures and projects for our people in all segments to provide more conditions for a better life,” said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at today’s national gathering in Tetovo.
– They think that people will believe them and that they will forget why they voted for us. They underestimated the people and its love for the country and it is their biggest mistake that will come down like a house of cards. We work, create, help our people. It is our struggle for Macedonia. It’s how we respond. With a lot of work to further justify the support people gives us – said Gruevski.
He added that the opposition in the past week made a high treason which disturbed security system and impaired cooperation with countries that want to help Macedonia.
– First he accused the Chinese company that has entered into a corrupt deal with our government. He is jeopardizing relations with one of the largest forces that recognized us under our constitutional name and with which we have many joint projects. Then he made a second huge mistake and accused Israel that, through the Ministry of Defense, it entered in corrupt deals. To be clear, the first case was a negotiation process that allowed us to have the lowest prices on the highways in Europe – emphasized Gruevski.
In the case of Israel, however, he said that 5.5 million euros were donated to the Macedonian police, and Zaev, according to Gruevski, gave up a state secret from an agreement and cooperation that is “as pure as the driven snow.”

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