Gruevski from the congress in Kumanovo: We are not perfect but we did the most


“We are not perfect, we made mistakes and oversights, but we did most of all political parties so far,” said the current President of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski in his address to delegates at the 15th Party Congress, which is held at the Center of Culture “Trajko Prokopiev” in Kumanovo today and tomorrow.

– I am a man who works and makes mistakes. And therefore, I have never, as my associates well know, discouraged someone’s well-intentioned discussion at the meetings. Often, after hearing a good argument, I give up my stands and I accepted better ones. Let’s not start boasting that God took us from somewhere because we are something special, because it is the first serious symptoms of losing touch with reality. Therefore, refreshing functions, with the possibility part of the replaced again in the future to gain a significant responsibility, if they deserve it, is occasionally necessary – said Gruevski.

According to Gruevski, characteristic of VMRO-DPMNE in the past four years, since he last received the mandate as a leader, is that the party has managed to keep its feet on the ground, among the people.

He noted that one of the main priorities in the coming period will be the development of the economy, and he highlighted the “blockade of rightful place in the EU and NATO” as a challenge.

– VMRO-DPMNE will not accept a change to the Constitution to change the constitutional name, it will not accept ideas and suggestions that will undermine the Macedonian national identity, the Macedonian nation and language. This is not a matter for daily politics and not an easy issue to resolve. If it was, SDSM would have done it by now. Therefore, if they cannot help, they should at least let us do it without any obstructions. Zaev believes that television appearance in Greece can resolve the issue – said Gruevski.

He also referred to the events of 24th of December, which, he said, were a serious challenge, because Zoran Zaev and Branko Crvenkovski had attempted to forcibly seize power and accused the opposition that it has not learn the lessons from the defeats and that it continues to make the same mistakes.

– They are led by personal anger and people recognize it and they will continue to lose because they are not learning from the defeats, but repeat the same mistakes. They joined with the Soros institutions of Milchin and became hostages to their money. Looking to do us evil, they failed to recognize some of our mistakes and get political points the right way. They say one thing in front of the people, and do something different where they govern at the local level – said Gruevski.

He noted that the position of the party is to have an investigation into allegations of the “bombs” published by the opposition.

– We want to be an investigation, and if that investigation shows that some of us did something wrong, let them answer in that investigation. We will continue in the European manner, although there is no such case in Europe, where the head of the opposition announces illegal materials for months, and many media are publishing them – said Gruevski.

According to Gruevski, the election victory of VMRO-DPMNE in the past nine years and the support of the majority of citizens are the result of their work, keeping to the given word, commitment, responsibility, honest approach and the thousands of projects.

Before the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, President of the Socialist Party Ljubisav Ivanov – Dzingo addressed, while Minister of Education and Science of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Abdilaqim Ademi welcomed the attendees of the congress.

On behalf of the coalition partner, he said that VMRO-DPMNE and DUI have quality cooperation, adding that this does not mean that there are no open issues, but with a quality debate, they often manage to find common ground.

At the Congress, which held under the motto “Strong Macedonia – stability, jobs, confidence and perspective,” present delegates must elect a party leader, i.e. to pass a new four-year term of the incumbent leader Nikola Gruevski, who is the only candidate for the top party function.

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