Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is not afraid of the Special Prosecutor. He said during a visit to the Clinical Centre and added there is nothing to be afraid of, reported “MKD.MK“.”Of course I am not afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of”, Gruevski responded to a reporter’s question.

When asked whose proposal it was to select Katica Janeva the special public prosecutor, Gruevski said the two sides in the negotiations had supported her.

“VMRO-DPMNE has committed no crime in regards to Slobodan Bogoevski’s allegations”, Gruevski said to the question of bribery which connects him to the Former Minister for Internal Affairs, and the Former Head of Security and Counter Intelligence.

“I read in the media about what was discussed. But let me remind you, VMRO-DPMNE, while in opposition, repeatedly appealed that the telecommunications sector should be liberalized. It was not done by the SDSM who was in power and who had a majority in parliament. We, the VMRO-DPMNE, even before the elections in 2006, gave a public promise that if we come to power, in the first 60 days will give a public announcement introducing a third mobile operator. It was announced and when elected a third mobile operator was announced and introduced and service prices declined. Then, everything is clear”, answered Mr Gruevski.