You will hear various rumors, but everything that will be said by us will be backed up by strong evidence in the proceedings, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at today’s press conference.

– From September to November 2014, I had four meetings with opposition leader Zoran Zaev. The first was at his request, and all others were associated with the first. At the first meeting, he told me that he urgently demands technical government and foreign intelligence service provided him with recorded telephone conversations with highest state officials, such as the President, ministers, MPs, journalists and many others. Several times I asked him whether he is sure in what he is saying, to which he replied affirmatively. He also told me parts of the phone calls, which, I must admit, some are true, some are partially true and some are created. The fact that some of the calls are correct indicates the seriousness of the situation. I could not understand how the opposition leader, who has ambitions to lead the country, speaks with pride and confidence that he cooperated with foreign intelligence service, which is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional – stated Gruevski.

He said that four criminal charges were filed to the public prosecutor today, including one for Zaev, for espionage and for violence to the highest state authorities.

– This damages the state. Perhaps many people cannot understand why we did this because Zaev is the most popular political opponent, but they had something to which we couldn’t turn a blind eye, and that is inflicting damage to the country. Respected citizens, ask yourself what you would do if you were in my position. All I’ll suggest that I won’t accept threats, set-ups and blackmail and I publicly recommend to all involved that we are Macedonians. I want you to know that, during the proceedings, which will be open to domestic and foreign public, I will answer all questions. I also want you to know that as of today, you will hear various rumors, but everything that has been said by us will be backed up by solid evidence – said Gruevski.

Earlier, in the police action “Puch”, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is suspected, who, along with Zoran Verushevskii and two other persons, is charged with attempted endangering the constitutional order and undemocratic takeover of power, i.e. suspension of the will of the citizens.

As the Ministry of Interior informed, the recent investigation established that the suspects wanted to carry out a takeover of power and to extort various services through the use of illegal means of monitoring and spying and threats to senior state officials.