Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that Zaev is not be trusted because “the man comments and denies himself.”

– He spoke earlier this year that they do not know each other just to later say that they know each other, but not so good, and at the end to say that they actually know each other quite well. Then came a letter for which there was no comment for later Zaev himself to confirm the validity of the letter and that he wrote to the man, with whom they did not known previously. There were messages from mobile phones, encrypted, and he yesterday confirmed that they are correct. In the end, it turned out that to the man who claimed he did not know, he bought a computer and getting ready to buy him a car. It’s a little bit strange, right, because he decided to do something against the Government. There are many people who are decided to do something against the Government, but I have not heard Zaev to buy cars and computers to all of them – said Gruevski.