Gruevski: The elections in April are the final goal of the Przhino Agreement


Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, on Tuesday’s televised speech for the celebration of the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle talked about several key political issues – the Treaty of Przhino, the elections which are to take place on April the 24th and the role of the European community in the political process in which the country finds itself in.
Regarding the Treaty of Przhino he said the primary aim is to organize elections where the people can decide in free and democratic conditions and that will eliminate all doubt about inequality, discrimination or favoritism.

“The agreement is clearly written and should be respected. That agreement can serve as a starting point for new negotiations. The elections are the final goal of that agreement, for which there are other provisions that are a road map on how to reach the final goal”, said Gruevski.
He added that on April the 24th everything will be clear, and said, “until then, there will be fog, and there will be dirty attempts to destroy the state and the will of the people, but we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the people and will not let the people down”.
“At the elections, the people will say who they support and who they trust. A stranger, or someone with a magical wand will not solve all of our problems”, said the Prime Minister.

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