“After election day, I have not seen, nor heard from Zaev, although I was expecting him to congratulate us on our win. But, it turns out that he does not have the strength for that. In the past, of course, occasionally, when it was necessary, we met or spoke over phone. On Saturday before the election, Oliver Spasovski first asked to speak to Nikola Todorov, after which we spoke to each other in order to exchange information to avoid problems on election day”, wrote Nikola Gruevski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, on his “Facebook” profile. This comment comes after Zaev made a statement today in Bitola, claiming that he and Gruevski do not have their guns aimed at eachother, but they sit and discuss the future of Macedonia.

According to Gruevski, Zaev is making every effort to continue the political crisis in Macedonia.

“According to the choice of the people of Macedonia and international confirmation that the elections went smoothly and were free and fair, I, at this time am focused on forming a new government to deliver the promised program to improve the lives of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia”, Gruevski wrote.