Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski today said that citizens decide who will be in the government, not the opposition leader Zoran Zaev. He described the action of SDSM with the so-called “bombs” as an attempt to convince people that there is a mountain in the desert.

– It is as if we are in the desert and Zaev wants to present that there is a mountain and he is trying to convince citizens in that. He is trying to create a false impression that the citizens voted under pressure and threats – Gruevski said, adding that citizens know who they voted for and there was no coercion.

– I hear that Zoran Zaev demands a transitional government and I want to say that Macedonian citizens will decide that, not Zaev. It showed in the last elections as well. Zaev is manipulating the public with created materials and fake bombs – added the Prime Minister.