Nikola Gruevski was convicted in a public and transparent process, and at the same time there are several procedures against him, said the government as a reaction to the Facebook status published by the former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who revealed that he was granted an asylum in Hungary.

“The offender Nikola Gruevski was under a police protection in accordance with the rights that were granted as a former prime minister and he has never reported any threats against his life. Gruevski was never politically persecuted and no death threats were recorded nor was there a government institution which threatened his life. Because of this, we state that Gruevki’s only goal is avoiding justice” said the government’s press release.

The government’s press service also said that apart from a protest notice that was lodged yesterday for the role of the embassies of Hungary in his escape from the country it has also lodged a request for extradition accompanied by the complete documentation about the processes and the verdict.

The government of the Republic of Macedonia expects that the authorities in Budapest will unconditionally accept the extradition request and in accordance with the international law as a member of the EU and NATO it will allow Gruevski’s return in Macedonia in order to serve his sentence and to be held responsible for the remaining acts that he is accused of. The Republic of Macedonia is a law-abiding country where laws are obeyed. Everyone who was proven to have broken the laws and for everyone for whom there is a verdict will be held responsible for his own acts” states the press release.